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Mothers First

Here at Mothersfirst, we believe in continuity of care, which is why we have developed a unique care package. This service begins with birth preparation, for you and your partner,  support during labour and birth, and through the 4th trimester and the postnatal period.

You may find it beneficial to access our home help program the first few weeks after giving birth. Childbirth can have a profound effect on our bodies and wellbeing, which is why every mother deserves a little rest after bringing life into the world. We provide a lovely supportive home help service which gives you time to recuperate, rest and heal. This is especially helpful if you have experienced a ceasarean.

Mothersfirst also offer pre & postnatal mental health & well being service. Our care providers will adapt their expertise to each individual's needs, during pregnancy & assisting your recovery after birth. This service aims to comfort you, aid your mental health and promote wellbeing, and guide you through any worries you may have. Our practitioners have also completed their 3 step rewind therapy, which is especially effective if birth trauma has caused PTSD.

These first few weeks are an important time for bonding between mother and baby and preparations are often overlooked, Mothersfirst can help prepare and support you through this transition.

Helping you go easy on yourself and taking away pressures which can sometimes become overwhelming, allowing you to relax and enjoy time with your new baby.

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