Taking care of yourself

Self-care is​ very important at this time, if you choose to have a walk, take a hot bath or just sit and read, Mothersfirst can provide wellbeing support for you to give your self some much needed time out. Allow us to support your every need while you rejuvenate and get yourself back on your feet, with as little stress as possible. Only good will come of your physical & mental well being, this will not only benefit you but your new baby and the rest of your family.

 Home Help

Your post natal care package will be tailored to your needs, each mother is an individual and seeks to provide the best care for their baby, but in this can often overlook their own well-being. It is important for mothers to be well and looked after in the post natal period, our beliefs here at Mothers First are healthy happy mother, healthy happy baby. We can tailor our care of you and your family to suit your lifestyle and preferences.

There will be time to debrief with a member of Mothers First and talk about your experience, or worries and concerns you may have. While your body is healing we can be on hand to help you and your family with day to day life. We know those chores will pile up, let us take care of that for you, while you care for yourself and your baby.

Partner & Family Support

Are you planning to be a birth partner? Would you like to know how best to support your partner? Give Mothers First a call, and arrange a birth preparation short course and be the best birthing partner you can be!

Are you a family member concerned for the well being of a pregnant or new mother? would you like to know how best to support her through this difficult time? Mothers First can arrange an inclusive well being package for the whole family to feel supported and have a point of call for any concerns there may be. Even family members need to be heard and supported through difficult times, they also need coping tools and to know how best to support new mothers who are experiencing difficulties.

South Hams PANDAS Post Natal Depression & Anxiety Community.

A peer support group dedicated to giving mothers suffering from this post natal depression a safe environment where they can talk, make new friends, or sit quietly with a cup of tea and listen to others experiences.

Each mother who attends will be at varying stages of their illness, some may have recovered and will come and offer support. Sharing experiences can have a profound impact on others, allowing them to accept how they feel and see that they are not alone and perhaps learn new coping tools on their journeys back to health.

Each woman will have the strength somewhere inside of themselves to survive this illness and come out new and strong, it is just a matter of finding that strength within and realising you can do this, you can overcome your illness and you can enjoy your baby. Each person will face challenges, with emotions and personal circumstances which can leave you feeling overwhelmed and stuck in the moment, sharing with women who have been there and overcome their illness can be very reaffirming. Having this community support may gradually help you, help yourself back to health.  

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Trust in yourself and your abilities, follow your instincts and allow yourself time, you are not a machine it is important that you look after your well being to be the best that you can be for your family, if you need support ask for it, if you need alone time, give yourself it. Your new position in life requires you to be on hand 24 hours a day, no-one will begrudge your need for a little break to gather your thoughts and put yourself back together again, we will support you to go easy on yourself.


The Willows Wellbeing Cafe


Pregnant & New Mothers