What is Perinatal care?

It is the care all women deserve from pregnancy, birth and through the post natal period.

Key factors for a healthy body and mind during pregnancy birth & postnatal period

As soon to be parents, we all aspire to do the best we can in body & mind to achieve a wonderful experience. Every family must find their own way, with the minefield of information it can be difficult to focus on your needs.

Best advice I ever received was keep it simple!

Read one maybe two books that someone close to you has recommended! You don't have to read all the pregnancy books in the world! If you don't want to read a book you don't have to, talk to a family or friend, your midwife or doula.

If you feel you need extra support hire a Doula, they will answer any questions you have, and if they don't know the answer they will do the research for you. 

Join a pregnancy group if you feel like it, it can be very supportive having women around you at the same stage of pregnancy.

Don't stress about food.... There are hundreds of healthy pregnancy meals and menus it can get overwhelming. Try and avoid sugar, caffeine & processed foods, eat more fruit and veg. It is that simple!

No crazy exercising, especially if you didn't exercise before. The best thing is to go for plenty of walks, maybe a few hills! Build up a little stamina for labour.

If you are hypnobirthing make time to practice so it becomes second nature, ensure your partner practices with you and that way he can guide you while you experience your surges.

If you have suffered with PND or other mental health illnesses in the past, reach out. It is best to talk and plan ahead should you relapse again.

GET INFORMED know your rights, do your research and make your own informed decisions.