Perinatal care: Looking after your mental & physical wellbeing during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period

Doula Services

Our Doula service are dependant on the wishes of the family, they usually consist of two antenatal visits, the birth, and two postnatal visits.

Birth Doula £650

Birth Doula with back up £800

2 birth Doulas £1000

 Home Help

our home help package is tailored to you, each family will have different needs, having an extra pair of hands will lighten the load.

Our care providers are DBS checked and can come and care for you and your family, we offer child support as well as keeping ontop of household chores, and caring for mum if she has experienced a cesarean and needs extra care and support.

There will be time to debrief with a member of Mothers First and talk about your experience, or worries and concerns you may have. While your body is healing we can be on hand to help you and your family with day to day life. We know those chores will pile up, let us take care of that for you, while you care for yourself and your baby.

£15 an hour

Minimum 2 hour slots.

Partner birth preparation

Birth preparations can sometimes be overlooked, we offer a short course of 2 hours to prepare yourself and your birth partner. The session consists of 1:1 support for your partner to talk and ask questions for the first hour, then birth preparation together for the second half of the session.


Postnatal Family recovery

Family communication & mediation in the event of trauma surrounding birth, becoming new parents or adjusting to having a blended family.

Coping and working together in the event of postnatal depression.

£20 an hour