‚ÄčPerinatal care services

Here at Mothersfirst we offer a comprehensive package of pregnancy & birth Doulas, birth preparations of your choosing, and the support in arranging the type of birth you are looking for. We do not give advice but can inform you of all your options and rights during pregnancy and childbirth. Home help for the first few weeks of motherhood & postnatal recovery for you and your partner. 

With each new client, we have found they are very aware of exactly what they want, we are on hand to support your voice and wishes for your birthing experience.

We are trained in mental health issues such as postnatal depression & PTSD and can guide you through this debilitating illness and take this journey by your side.  Studies have shown that a constant presence throughout the perinatal period brings better outcomes for the mother, baby, and rest of the family. It can have a profound positive effect on a mother's mental health and wellbeing of the family as a whole. Accessing support early on can alleviate the strain and upset that mental health issues can bring to a family. We guide and support you through this difficult time, not just for mum, but for partners and grandparents who are trying to care for their loved ones.

When we think of caring for women who come to us, we do not only think of pregnancy or birth, we see the whole journey. Our aim is to be on hand for women at whatever point in motherhood that they are, we believe in continuity of care, accessing the same familiar face throughout pregnancy, birth, the postnatal period, and beyond. There is no time limit to accessing this service, we are on hand when needed.